AS A HISTORIC house museum filled with original objects and sitting on its original grounds, Trail End can't help but serve as a learning laboratory for students of all ages. While the site's educational focus has traditionally been on history for elementary and junior high students, recent efforts have broadened that focus to include science and nature as well as language arts and music for older students and adults - actually, anyone interested in Trail End!


Trail End staff have developed a number of educational programs, some based on history; others ... not so much:

  • TechnoPast  Like a chocolate-vanilla swirl ice cream cone, this program combines history with technology to create a tasty treat for students in grades six through twelve. 

  • Junior Curators  Part of Kids eXtreme, this program for kids grades six through eight lets them go beyond the plexiglass doors and into the collections to let them actually TOUCH the STUFF!

  • Trail End Trackers  Sponsored by Science Kids in conjunction with the Sheridan County YMCA and the Big Horn Audubon Society, this program gets the kids out of the building and onto the grounds for a little hookup with nature.

  • Home Is Where the History Is  With readings, exercises, activities and even a quiz or two, this classroom-based program teaches about more than just Trail End; it gets kids motivated to explore their own lives and neighborhoods. 

  • With an Eye to the Past  This fledgling program contains a small variety of in-class presentations and little projects for people of all ages, from word games to tree identification. When it grows up, we hope it will contain a LARGE variety of in-class presentations and little projects for people of all ages!

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​Whether you're the teacher of a group of third graders or professor to a bevy of college students, Trail End is a great place for a field trip.

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Since it became a state-owned institution in 1982, Trail End staff have collected materials of interest to researchers of all stripes: historians, biographers, genealogists and antiquarians. The materials are for on-site use only; staff are willing to assist with research if you aren't able to visit the site. 

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In addition to the dozens of internet resources related to Trail End, its family and its interpretive era, don't forget about two of the most important resources for information about the Sheridan area: The Wyoming Room (located at the Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library) and the Sheridan County Museum (operated by the Sheridan County Historical Society). Both contain a treasure trove of information, photographs, archival materials and artifacts relating to the families and businesses who made Sheridan the town it is today. Visit the Big Horn Mountain Museum Coalition's website for contact information for these two fine institutions.

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